Cabra screenshots

  • The home screen is the center of the action, where you create and study flashcards.
  • Creating flashcards is easy: enter the question and answer, and a picture if you like.
  • Cabra sets up studying sessions for you, so you study the cards you don't know more often.
  • Cabra gives detailed reports as to how well you did in a particular studying session.
  • You earn points by creating cards, studying, and much more. Earn enough points and you level up.
  • When you level up, you can unlock new themes, or skins, to dress up your Cabra.
  • You can organize your notes on a topic (lists, key facts, pictures, etc.) using Cabra's note-taking features.
  • You can use the card manager to study, edit, or delete your flashcards, all in one place.

Cabra 0.6.0 on Windows 7. Download.